West Coast network cabling of the highest standard to ensure robust systems and low maintenance requirements.

West Coast Networking & Cabling

Structured network cabling is the backbone of communications, PBX telephone systems, internet, intranet, e-mail and database networks in your organisation. A professional implementation provides robust infrastructure for increased stability and reduced maintenance hassles. A quality, integrated cabling system is a key asset!

Investing in professional, integrated network cabling enhances organisations by offering tangible benefits:

  • Enhanced working practices and processes.
  • A faster, more reliable computer network increases productivity & reduces down-time.
  • A custom-designed system provides flexibility.
  • Efficiency gains as you save time and money on equipment repairs & maintenance.
  • Future-proof your organisation: adopt new, improved technology for better integration.
  • Scaleable technology to allow you to expand painlessly.

Whether you’ve just moved into new offices or need some extra network and structured cabling to be installed, or need maintenance or tidying up, CTS is here to help. We have teams of Structured Cabling / Network Technicians who are fully trained to install, terminate and audit your system. We do it all from a single termination point to thousands.

If your current hardware requires upgrading or replacing, CTS can manage this for you from purchase through installation and configuration. We also offer a total hardware support contract solutions for any/all of your existing or new site equipment.

Our Network Technicians will customize your computer network solution to meet your requirements. We can provide a new network installation, upgrade your existing computer network, and provide computer network training for you according to latest best practices in networking technology.

"CTS sorted out a dangerous wiring mess into a tidy, stable, documented, integrated system that offered immediate benefits to our organisation. We didn't even know that different systems could be integrated to talk to one another this way!" - Mr Pleased