West Coast CCTV systems installations for Home and Busines, whether IP CCTV or Analogue TV, including numberplate recognition capability - all our work is guaranteed!

West Coast CCTV Systems

CTS offers cutting-edge CCTV Systems (video surveillance systems) on the West Cost, i.e. CCTV cameras in IP CCTV or Analogue CCTV configurations, including number plate recognition and remote monitoring capabilities. No home too small or industrial concern too big for us to supply, install and maintain your security cameras professionally.

Protect your assets, improve the investment value of your home or business and lower the risk of costly incidents such as burglary, fire, vandalism or pilferage. Criminals target premises without obvious security monitoring.

Why use CCTV in your home or business?

  • Cost-effective crime prevention & deterrent.
  • 100% Foolproof coverage makes premises practically impenetrable if well-designed.
  • Relatively inexpensive yet highly advanced technology gives you control.
  • Reliable remote video surveillance not hampered by human error - replace expensive security guards.
  • Realtime recording allows for effective incident management.
  • Remote online viewing by owner or manager allows for timeous intervention.
  • Protect your family or staff from abuse, assault or wrongful accusations.
  • Helps law enforcement to identify culprit & attain effective prosecution.
  • Continuous monitoring can address safety hazard e.g. in fire- or accident-prone areas.
  • Helps visitors & customers feel safe.
  • Nanny Cams monitor the well-being of your little ones.

Protect yourself and do it right by using experts to designs an effective, tamper-proof system where cameras keep an eye on one another's blind spots.

Different CCTV Brands & CCTV Types for your needs

CTS can advise the correct CCTV cameras for your needs, including day/night cameras, indoor/outdoor cameras, tiny & covert cameras

We can cover any size of a project in South Africa and Africa. We can install home, commercial and industrial CCTV systems including day/night cameras, indoor/outdoor cameras, tiny and covert cameras and special cameras inside sprinklers / PIR's etc. We are an approved Hikvision installer with decades’ experience installing CCTV products including:

  • Hikvision
  • Bosch
  • Samsung
  • Axis
CTS offers budget security cameras via HD analogue CCTV - older technology but can solve a problem.

HD Analogue CCTV

  • Budget security camera solution
  • Requires digital video recorder, smart TV & power supply
  • Uses proprietary cabling
  • Time-consuming installation & visible cabling
  • Different cameras for different environments
  • Can link to network for remote viewing
  • Closed architecture
CTS offers reliable remote monitoring security cameras via IP CCTV - latest technology using Internet Protocol.


  • Value for money, new technology
  • Requires Internet connectivity
  • Reliable Flexibility
  • Easier installation
  • Better camera performance via megapixel IP
  • Remote monitor via internet (phone, tablet, pc)
  • Open architecture
CTS can install a highly integrated commercial security system including LPR (License Plate Recognition) and CMS (Central Monitoring System).

VMS / CMS & LPR Solutions

The VMS (Virtual Monitoring Station) / CMS (Central Monitoring Station) programs provide a solution for high-profile commercial, industrial and residential security areas, e.g. imagine need for monitoring and surveillance in a casino.

In a powerful, integrated security system, numerous surveillance systems may be connected with hundreds of thousands of cameras, IR sensors, motion sensors, fire detectors, alarms & POS systems. This effectively reduces false alarms and efficiently dispatches security guards to relieve alerts.

The LPR (License Plate Recognition) solution is an effective video security and parking monitoring solution for enforcing security in high risk parking lots. To provide security and assurance to customers and employees, parking lots need efficient and reliable digital surveillance systems that provide live monitoring and high continuous recording performance, with low maintenance.

The LPR system provides high-resolution video monitoring and recording. When emergency intercoms are activated or panic buttons pushed, the parking attendants can judge the situation from the live view and respond correctly.

LPR activates the recognition process either by software video motion detection in the illuminator zone, or by I/O activation.

Our system supports Camera Overview and Picture-in-Picture modes, with ease of monitoring.

CTS can install a range of covert security cameras ranging from tiny CCTV cameras to cameras hidden in other objects.

Covert CCTV

We offer cost effective, cutting edge covert camera systems on an outright purchase or rental basis (client assumes responsibility of rented equipment), to meet your needs & budget, to:

  • Reduce internal shrinkage & protect profits
  • See what really occurs when you are away
  • Assist in the detection of crime
  • Gain essential evidence of someone committing a criminal offence
  • Catch a small thief before he becomes a big thief
  • Supply evidence for court proceedings and CCMA claims

Our customer service is fast and very discreet! It includes:

  • Consultation with the client
  • Installation of high resolution hidden cameras, motion detected recording device (DVR), cable, power supplies etc. according to client specifications
  • Installation & de-installation outside normal trading hours if required
  • Rental period to suit client
  • Minimum disruption and utmost discretion
  • Off–site analysis & summary report with DVD, voice overlay & subtitles
CTS has successfully installed a variety of CCTV camera systems for home security, commercial security and industrial security.
"CTS did a massive security & CCTV system installation for us, allowing us remote realtime surveillance and video records for management purposes. They did a professional needs assessment and then took care of every aspect from procurement of CCTV equipment to the conclusion of a maintenance agreement."