West Coast Audio Visual installations for integrated home movie theatre & business projector systems and meeting recording devices.

West Coast Audio Visual Solutions

CTS on the West Coast offers cutting edge audio visual solutions for home and business, ranging from a simple projector system, to custom boardroom video & automation, video conferencing, public address systems, digital signage, home theatre systems to full audio visual set-up for large public events.

Boardroom Solutions

Our end-to-end tailor-made boardroom solutions offer unbeatable value, user-friendliness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our expert installation of AV provides crystal clear video and high-quality audio. We also offer fully integrated solutions: boardroom audio, boardroom video, audio & video conferencing and environmental control (i.e. lights, temperature, blinds, integrated with audio & video).

Video conferencing installations range from a simple wall-mounted screen & projector in a small meeting room, to complex built-in audio and in-ceiling video switching, acoustic-enhancing designs in a larger boardroom. A typical system requires: a video camera / webcam, screen / tv / projector, microphone, speakers, data transfer via internet and computing power.

Audiovisual Success factors:

  • High quality, highly immersive audio
  • Aesthetically applied displays for maximum impact
  • Unobtrusive, easy to use control panels
  • Flexible support for different scenarios
  • Support for different peripheral connection protocols
  • Intelligent integration
  • Utmost reliability

We also offer the hire of Audio Visual equipment, including projectors, LCD display and Video Conferencing equipment.

CTS offers video conferencing installations and maintenance throughout the West Coast.

Boardroom Video & Audio

Video conferencing as an important part of communication strategy now needs to accommodate remote workers as part of the modern work environment. A trusted technology partner is key to efficiently implement and maintain audio and video components.

Our collaborative solutions offer reliability, ease of use and promotes increased productivity, even with parties on the other side of the world.

We offer superior consultation, procurement, installation, integration & maintenance services.

CTS offers boardroom solutions like boardroom audio, boardroom video and boardroom automation, both installation and maintenance, throughout the West Coast.

Boardroom Automation

Cutting-edge technology allows full boardroom automation that integrates video, audio, lighting, blinds and temperature control.

Intelligent, integrated control is programmed with pre-set parameters to turn lights on/off automatically under specific conditions, for example, and to automatically adjust the temperature based on weather and number of bodies in the room to ensure ongoing comfort.

Variables are easily and centrally managed via remote control with intuitive controls or touch-screen.

CTS offers video home theatre and home automation installations and maintenance throughout the West Coast.

Home Theatre

Immerse yourself in the window-rattling world of 360° surround sound, crystal-clear images, vibrant colour, automated lighting and ability to control it all with a user-friendly central control via remote control.

Our sophisticated home theatre, flat-screen TVs and high-powered surround sound offer a sumptious, intimate visual experience at affordable prices.

We can also provide a full home automation system that intelligently controls lighting, blinds, temperature and even appliances and alarms, centrally and/or remotely via smartphone.

CTS offers public address installations and maintenance throughout the West Coast.

Public Address Systems

PA systems distribute clearly audible sound in buildings or spaces of varying size. A PA system can be standalone for a small venue, or part of a PBX System that includes paging facilities via a PA amplifier. A small PA system may simply consist of a microphone, amplifier and one or more loudspeakers. Music systems and radios can be included to combine music & voice audio.

A large PA Systems covers industrial sites, stadiums, shopping complexes or a campus. They can be used in emergencies to address large volumes of people. This uses both a Main (for the crowd) and Monitor (for the performer) system and adds mixing boards and specialised sound processing equipment.

"As a large, prominent and serious firm, we required an integrated boardroom solution to cover all our audio-visual, conferencing and environmental automation needs. Most of all we required absolute reliability, which CTS' quality of installation and superior maintenance delivers. Thank you!"