West Coast Access Control Systems to keep intruders out and safeguard your home or business via automated gate motors, manual or biometric access control, intercoms and more.

West Coast Access Control Systems

Access control via fences, automated motor gates, booms, intercom systems, electronic turnstiles and key / card / biometric access control systems is aimed at controlling, recognising, authenticating and reporting on who can go where and when.

Security is a critical reality of life in South Africa, since property invasions, theft and violent crimes are on the increase. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology and general vigilance, we can remedy the situation to a certain extent.

Access control needs to be implemented to enhance the safety and convenience of people while protecting your home or the assets in your organization. CTS can install and maintain every level of access control, for example:

  • A simple mechanical lock and key
  • A gate, boom or turnstile activated by a keypad, key card or authenticated telephone signal
  • An electronic lock that enables you to monitor and lock / unlock a door remotely from your smart phone
  • A high tech, multi-authentication biometric device integrated into electronic turnstiles with alarm monitoring, real-time communication and full integration into Time & Attendance applications.
CTS offers gate motors of a wide range, including the stalwart D5 Smart Gate Motor for Automated Gates.

Gate Motors & Garage Automation

Gate automation allows convenient access to your property without the risk of getting out of your car. Electric, automated gates and garage door operators helps deter intruders and can even be controlled from anywhere in the world via a mobile app & SMS control.

CTS offers a wide range of swing and sliding gate motors and garage automation systems to help secure access to your home or business appropriately. We do safe, tidy, quality installations that balance security with ease of access.

A motor gate is a significant investment and incorrectly installed gates can be dangerous or even fatal to children or pets. Gates should be maintained by a professional security engineer to avoid them becoming unreliable or unsafe. Gates in commercial or industrial settings used by the public need to comply with Health and Safety standards, requiring annual safety inspections and maintenance (every 6 months for a residential home). Ask us for a free inspection.

CTS offers custom intruder alarm systems from standalone to integrated with armed response services.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are used by homeowners & commerce alike to avoid unwanted intruders who intend to take what you've worked hard for. Whether it's a parkade or to protect your loved ones in your home, getting armed with an intruder alarm can help avoid intrusion, theft or worse.

We provide custom alarm system solutions based on your specific requirements. Our alarm system installations can be fully integrated with our CCTV and other access control solutions.

You can also choose to set and monitor your alarm system from your smartphone or tablet, anywhere and at any time. Alarm systems can be standalone or linked into an independent alarm receiving centre (ARC) with armed response.

Advantages of an alarm system include not only safeguarding what's precious to you, but will lower your insurance premiums and improve your sleep!

CTS offers audio intercom / video intercom systems to help you identify a visitor BEFORE letting them in.

Intercom Systems

Your perimeter fence or wall is your first line of defence when it comes to the protection of a safe space (home or work). A well installed intercom system enables you to identify protentional threats or friends even before they enter.

CTS offers a range of audio and video intercoms, including analogue, IP network & GSM systems. Systems include motion sensor & battery backup. Our more advanced intercom systems can integrate with you CCTV and Alarm system - all on one App on your smartphone.

Intelligent home intercom systems are WiFi-enabled security and communication devices that let users identify visitors and speak with them, even remotely.

CTS offers state-of-the-art biometric access control systems that can be fully integrated into the rest of your security and reporting systems.

Biometric Access Control

Cutting edge biometric technology enables biometric identification / authentication to enhance access control and time management by accurately identifying users, eliminating ghost employees and preventing identity theft. It works with a form of ID which cannot be forgotten, lost or duplicated.

CTS has been successfully implementing SAGEM/IMPRO/ZK/ViRDI Biometric technology since 2007.

Biometrics are used extensively across most industries today. The Shoprite Group has 1000+ Sites, 1 400 000+ Fingerprint Template Database and processes 200 000+ daily transactions, with a Fingerprint Enrolment success rate of 99.1%.

CTS has successfully installed a variety of home, commercial and industrial access control systems.
"After trying various stand-alone and mixed systems to try and safeguard our plant, we finally solved our access control problems when CTS implemented a fully integrated physical barrier system controlled electronically and activated by a tiered access system ranging from key cards to biometric access control in our labs. I was so impressed, I asked CTS to also upgrade my home security with a state-of-the-art gate motor and video intercom system."