West Coast fibre optic installations of the highest standard to ensure integrated, reliable, cloud-based systems and lower maintenance requirements.

West Coast Fibre Optic Installations

CTS on the West Coast specialises in the consultancy, engineering, design, installation and maintenance of Fibre Optic Systems, including Fibre IT and Fibre Telecoms networks. The use of fiber optic data transmission for industrial automation and process control has increased considerably over the past decade since it offers many benefits not available with traditional copper conductors, i.e. a stable, cost effective platform for various forms of voice and data, including CCTV and Triple Play (Data, Voice and Video). With the fibre quality and the equipment we use, we can guarantee bandwidth for any application.

CTS has proven expertise to offer a full fibre solution and our market rangest from large industrial and manufacturing plants to the humblest home.

Commercial & Industrial Fibre Optics

Fiber optic cables are preferred in the industrial environment, as they are immune to electromagnetic interference and provide exceptional bandwidth. Fibre optic cabling is resistant to temperature extremes, abrasion, UV light and lubricants. In the industrial environment, shorter lengths of fewer fibers are typically needed and we consider the ease of termination, sometimes without enclosure and fan out kits.

Process plants and factories have unique requirements for communications networks that differ from commercial grade networks. Industrial network components must withstand much harsher environmental conditions that can include extreme temperatures, lightning strikes, electromagnetic interference and often installation in hazardous area locations. Mounting and space requirements can also be restrictive since industrial networking components are often installed in the same control panel or container as other measurement and control equipment.

CTS offers fibre optic installations and maintenance.

Benefits of Fibre Connectivity:

  • Much higher connection speed
  • Increased bandwidth
  • Superior signal strength with low data loss
  • Reliability
  • Symmetric speed
  • Lower latency
  • Better security
  • HD video support
  • Resistance to interference
  • Light-weight, thinner & corrosion-resistant
  • Immunity to EMI/RFI & lightning damage
  • Safer to work with (no sparks or shocks)
  • Longer life-span than copper or coaxial cable
  • Economical system cost
"What a difference the stability and reliability of fibre made to the integration of the various security, communications and data services in our organisation. No more reliance on copper cables that keep getting stolen!"