Two Way Radios (Dispatch)

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Smart Dispatcher (Software Application)



Smart Dispatch Professional Dispatcher system is an innovative intelligent-wireless and PC based dispatching application with reliable digital voice communication, call recording and real-time GPS location and tracking information.



HyTracks Dispatch Solution


he HyTracks System is a computer based dispatch solution that allows the integration of HYTERA radio system to a computer network.

HyTracks has a very intuitive and easy to use graphical interface, allowing the user to view all data received by the server in a simple and objective way. This graphical interface is called CONSOLE.

The user can access the radio system through the IP network, making it possible to operate from a local network or from anywhere in the world via Internet.

Currently, HyTracks Server supports up to four control stations connected via USB to a single PC.

HyTracks also support REMOTE GATEWAY connection. It means you can have up to 4 more radios in a REMOTE PC, connected via IP to the main Server PC.

The number of remote gateways connections are unlimited!




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