Other Services

Project management

Using our expert team of project managers, CTS manages and controls the roll out of multi-disciplinary security solutions for our diverse customer base, using a three tiered system CTS ensures trouble free and timeous solution roll outs.

  • Project Planning and conceptualisation
  • Project Implementation
  • Project completion, training and handover.

System maintenance

CTS offers full service maintenance solutions across all of our product offerings, CCTV service level agreements are entered into offering both preventative and break-x maintenance solutions. CTS offers service level agreements on the following product categories

  • CCTV Surveillance solutions
  • Access Control
  • Fibre cable networks
  • PABX systems
  • Boardroom and Sound systems
  • Two –way radio networks analogue and digital

CTS will also take over and implement a service plan on existing equipment or should you wish service on a per call out basis

System integrations

System integration is a critical component of CTS’s product offering, today with such a wide array of solutions tight and efficient integration of the multiple risk management systems allows our customers the ability to view and control all facets of their security solution from one platform, minimising complexity and maximising the efficiency of the site.

CCTV, Access Control, Energy Efficiency and Radio Communication need to be carefully integrated to ensure the safety of employees and maximum return on investment in the system.

Integrated building management systems allow for the management and control of all the subsystems throughout a facility from a single platform. By allowing for this integration, operator responsiveness is improved and multiplatform tasks may be performed to better control situations

CTS provides leading system integration solutions and service to allow users the ability to link multiple systems over multiple sites via easy to use web interfaces.