Health and Safety

HaSAs a specialised, technology-focussed and installation company CTS is dedicated to ensuring the occupational Health and Safety of its employees and partners.

Matters affecting Safety and Health are therefore accorded high priority and we have a detailed Health and Safety Policy and Plan to ensure that we are fully compliant with all of the statutory requirements, in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993).

It is vitally important to the Company that adequate precautions are taken to prevent injuries, incidents and ill-health at Omega, as we always aim to: “…achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of Safety and Health standards in all areas of the Company’s operations” (CTS Health and Safety Policy Document).

Internal Policies

CTS takes the greatest care to train our employees in Occupational Safety and Health issues so as to ensure competence in the workplace; emergency preparedness; create awareness of the potential hazards implicit in their work activities; and to highlight the scope of authority in terms of Occupational Safety and Health control, clearly stipulated when issues of incident management are addressed. Furthermore, specific employees are appointed and trained as First Aiders, Team Leaders, Health and Safety Representatives and Fire Fighters in order to assist in the management and monitoring of Occupational Health and Safety within the company.

Because we are committed to ensuring the Health and Safety of our staff, annual medical check-ups are conducted across the Omega workforce to ensure that employees are fit to work; all staff are required to wear Personal Protection Equipment at stipulated work-sites; checks of toolboxes and vehicles are conducted on a weekly basis; and Safety Files are prepared for projects requiring specific adherence to rules.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA’s), Occupational Hygiene Surveys and Management of Change Assessments/Evaluations are periodically conducted by management in order to identify OHS hazards and assess/evaluate the associated OHS risks according to formal, systematic methodology. A holistic approach is taken in order to implement necessary control measures and to facilitate effective risk reduction for all activities, products and services (including contractors) that may have an impact on the Company’s operations.

External Policies

External policies have therefore been put into place in order to protect the public and persons other than Company employees from Safety and Health hazards associated with our work.